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Jim here, my buddies call me DOG! I am the webmaster of this sweet looking page and I fucking love this shit I’m about to present to you…

You want to know a little more about me?  They don’t call me bloody DOG for nothing ya know. I got a chick called Janice. She is totally interested in Sugar Skulls and The Day of the Death. Janice infected me with that stuff and now I’m trying to make you part of the gang as well you see! I’m driving a Harley for joyriding and to go to work at Epric. As you can see I got some tattoos and watch ‘Ink Master’ regularly. Epic show!

At the moment we live in Arnhem, located in the South of The Netherlands. Don’t even fucking dare calling it Holland, it’s really not the same! .

If you wanna know more about me, just shout and throw me a message through the contact form. All the stuff I have to offer can be found in the online shop, so go check it out!

A couple friggin cool examples you can find below.  Catch you later!

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